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The Dominican singer-songwriter D ‘Brilliant ventures into the Venezuelan market with his promotional single “Ya No Te Quiero”, an urban theme that speaks of the wounds that cause an unrequited love.

“My music projects trying to change the thinking of people who have been rejected or rejected by those who have ever loved,” says D ‘Brilliant.
“Ya No Te Te Quiero” belongs to album “Egoísta”, whose record label had the support of Venezuelan producer Pedro Escalante. The disc is available on all digital platforms.

With this song he seeks to continue growing in the music industry and leave a mark on the genre, to which he adds his versatile style, innovative and with great focus.

His goal is for his music to be screened throughout Latin America.

“You are worth more than anyone, never give up, do not let anyone steal your dreams,” is the advice of D ‘Brilliant for young people who struggle to achieve their goals.

About D ‘Brilliant

Darwin Guzmán Martínez, was born in Azua de Compostela, Dominican Republic, on May 6, 1992. Since he was a child he liked to sing in all school activities.

At age 17, he spent a season in the States. One day a fellow student proposed to make a jingle for a political campaign. After his first recording D’Brilliant was thrilled to have heard how good it sounded and decided to compose more songs and then record them.

D’Brilliant composed in 2007 “Te Quiero Hasta al Fin”, the song with which he managed to be a prophet in his land.

The talent of D’Brilliant quickly made the great DJs and announcers appreciate it and give unconditional support to their music.

In 2010, he moved to the US, released his first album “Me Enamore” of the bachata genre.

Later, from the release of the song “Me Muero Por Ti”, the song “Princesa Mía” emerged from the hand of producer Greko, which would take all radios from the southern region of the Dominican Republic.

With the release of his album “Egoísta”, D’Brilliant is convinced that “this year will be full of success”.


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