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Santiago Cabezas better known as “Thiago” was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 20, lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where at an early age he began to develop his artistic vocation. At the age of nine, Thiago began to take his first steps in the art world, drawing cartoons by T.V. Live. In this way he quickly discovered a link with entertainment and the world of entertainment, such as theater, drawing, sculpture and more punctually with music, awakening and starting his career in Argentina. After the production of his first musical material, and thanks to the deployment he achieved with it, Thiago and his passion, moved to one of the world music mecca, in the USA. It is there where his career as an artist takes momentum, becoming the basis and platform for the development of his project; working already from the city of New York, having been signed as an artist, by George Mena, producer and CEO of MK Records, and working under Frontline Entertainment Agency. Along with legends of the global music scene, and thanks to its authenticity, and fusion of unique Brazilian and Jamaican styles that manages to enshrine in his music, Thiago achieved great success in the short term, including multiple presentations in the United States, such as The Clio Awards (equivalent to the Oscar awards in the Advertising industry), along with the largest radio stations in New York – “La Mega”, “Amor” and “X96.3”, and several publications with recognized brands such as LRG, Samsung, Ed Hardy, Harman, Coca-Cola, GOYA and Monster Headphones. Like a mirror effect, and almost simultaneously, Thiago has settled during these last years as one of the ambassadors of the urban music of Argentina, capturing the attention of the national chain CMTV (Canal de la Música) and being then hired to be the conductor of the only live urban show of the chain; “Its you”. After leaving his mark not only as a singer, composer, producer, and conductor linked to the urban pop world and sponsoring the natural growth of the musical style in the region, I call the attention of the industry, finally consecrating an editorial contract with Warner Chappell Publishing. With the support of the United States and Argentina, he returned to venture into new Latin American markets, such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile, with the approval of numerous relevant channels and media, such as HTV, TELEMUNDO, ARTEAR and CLARO MUSIC. Thiago, who has performed songs with recognized artists such as Agapornis for the song “Mentis”, is currently presenting his new single “HACERTE MIA”, written by the artist Nacho (Miguel Mendoza – Chino y Nacho), and produced in collaboration with Carlos Escalona aka “Cruz” (Venezuelan Producer, winner of a Latin Grammy). The next singles of Thiago will have collaborations with “Juanka” El Problematik, with production of “Slow” (Slow Martínez – Chocquibtown), and the remix of the song “No Le Prometo” by VI-EM, among others. Currently, Thiago is again residing in New York, USA beginning another musical stage in order to reach new international audiences with his rhythmic themes and striking fusions.

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